16 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
Monday to Friday
8 am to 5 pm
Michèle BIEL
Head Funds Governance
Deputy Head - Senior Relationship Manager

Conventum TPS offers you a single contact point for all your fund administration requirements: the set-up, domiciliation, central administration, registration, risk management and governance of your funds.

Our services

  • Advice for the fund's legal and operational set-up, migration and restructuring
  • Supervision of the fund's delegated portfolio management, distribution and central administration
  • Risk management services using risk-control tools and a system tailored to your fund’s investment policy
  • We provide your fund with a registered office, and we support your fund with its legal and regulatory obligations such as reporting, organising board meetings and shareholder meetings, handling legal publications and sending information to shareholders
  • Corporate governance: intermediary with the fund’s decision-making bodies, the auditor and the Luxembourg regulators

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Michèle Biel
Head Funds Governance